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pink hood and flower illustration

"The memory like fairy tale of childhood

Jetoy and Choo choo are together with the memories."

decorative beads

The new industry called as "Design Stationery" was created in 2001.

Jetoy is leading the trend and archieving much growth by offering creative and practical design, since our launch

Jetoy is producing and distributing products

such as the stationary, living goods, fashion accessories by using Choo choo illustration.

We have launched our new branch in Japan and was able to open up a new market at that region.

Moreover, we have developed various contents such as publishing, smart phone applications, etc.

We will successfully continue growing business and we will provide a variety of products and contents through the license.

Choo Choo is the main character of Jetoy which is a very lovely cat.

Choo Choo connects with people and wins all hearts abroad including Korea.

Company |  JETOY
CEO |  Se-Ah Kim
Head Office |  B1-1, 2457, Nambusunhwan-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
E-mail |
Business |  Producing and distributing products

cute bird illustration


flower illustration

Holding a canned coffe in one hand,

The day of sitting on a low stone wall in front of villa that has a beautifull yard and enjoying the sunshine,

I(we) saw a cat taking a nap having a languid look on her face.

It looked haughty, cocky, but lovely, warm, happy.

The cat seems to be a dreamer like us....

That's the beginning of Choo choo.

Choo choo is good enough to drink a glass of warm milk, enjoy the sunshine, play with a green leaf of a branch.

'Choo choo' was born like that.

cats illustration

choo choo illustration

Lovely cat Choo choo who likes to dream and enjoy the adventure lives in Jetoy

which is the planet existing on the opposite space far from earth.

(The cats who live in Jetoy are called Choo choo.)

Choo choo has a distinctive scent attracting birds and butterflies.

They are always protecting Choo choo.

Choo choo lives us in their world where we can't see.

Oneday Choo choo has gone a long journey

from their everyday life by shopping, baking cookies and reading books

and has stayed for a long time in the planet Earth.

Choo choo lives together with us as the appearance of our pet.

choo choo illustration

"Choo Choo


Red hood

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red hood illustration

'Monotonous routine is too boring'

Red hood is an adventurer who finds the new world with inquisitive eyes. She is always bright and sheerful so she makes everyone happy. Lovely Choo choo will be the vitality in your daily life.

choo choo diary season5

Choo choo diary season5

bling pencil case

Choo Choo bling pencilcase

passport case

Passport case & name tag

bang bang pouch

Bang bang pouch

Pink hood

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pink hood illustration

'We can be good friends.'

Pink hood is very shy. she likes to spend time alone. Sometimes we worry about it but everything is alright because Bluebird Lulu is always with her. Please be reliable friends with lovely Choo choo.

bling pouch

Choo choo bling pouch

bling bag

Choo choo bling bag ver.2

handy spring note

Handy spring note

mouse pad

Mouse pad ver.2


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jewelry illustration

'Don't leave me alone.'

Jewelry is afraid of being alone and easily feels lonely. She has much tear so she may be crying somewhere. She is waiting for you with her twinkling eyes. Welcome your shining daily life with lovely Choo choo.

pencil case

Lalala pencilcase

phone cover

Smart choo choo cat ver.1

face fan

Cool choo choo fan ver.2

mug cup

Choo choo tea mug cup

Pink rose

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pink rose illustration

'Lean on me whenever you have a hard time.'

Pink rose enjoys teatime with macarons with the scent of roses. She likes to read a book and write a letter under the sunshine. She may look like prim-minded and behave haughtily but she has a warm heart and is very thoughtful. Lovely Choo choo will bring cheer to you without any special words when you have a hard time.

passport case

Passport case & Name tag


Bling bling oneday file

note set

Choo choo 2in1 note set

phone cover

Galaxy S2 choo choo cat


more info

gamy illustration

'Everything is a fun toy for me.'

Gamy is a prankster. She likes to climb up high places very much. Also she enjoys to be in frolic without resting all day. Nobody can stop her. You have no choice but to love her when she comes to you with her charms even if she messes up your room. Your daily life will be more pleased with lovely Choo choo.


Choo choo triple file


Choo choo note

phone cover

Smart choo choo cat ber.1

sticky it

Choo choo sticky it pocket











chi chi

Chi Chi

pearl shiny

Pearl shiny



Old product








passport case

Passport case

passport case

Passport case





passport case

Passport case



phone cover

Phone cover

phone accesories

Phone accessories







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